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DOWN COMES THE DARK | Liane Mahugh, Canadian Author


Book 2 in the Elemental Series
A YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel
Published August 20, 2023

Dissidents want this galactic traveler dead. With all she cares about imperiled, can she survive a journey across the stars to end the bloodshed?

Down Comes the Dark 3D Mockup.png

Raya Salian fears she made an awful mistake. Choosing to remain on Earth while her fiancé returns home, the young elemental misses him and her distant planet desperately. Haunted by horrifying nightmares that seem to hint at the future, she’s shocked when hallucinations and migraines are traced to a mysterious brain implant. Who put it there and why?

Relieved when she finally hears from Dev, Raya's blood runs cold when she learns extremists have killed her family. And when more news of devastation reaches her, there isn’t a black hole or solar storm that can keep her from seeking vengeance. 

Can Raya channel her grief and rage into the power needed to crush the lunatic fringe?

Down Comes the Dark is the nail-biting second book in the Elemental YA science fiction series. If you like strong female leads, impossible odds, and rocket-fueled action, then you’ll love this tale of loss and courage.

DOWN COMES THE DARK has won an award! Literary Titan has chosen the 2nd book in my ELEMENTAL SERIES for its monthly gold star award. Click here to see it on their site. 



I loved the first book, but as I indulged myself in the pages of its sequel, my appreciation for the initial installment deepened further, and I now want to read it again. The narrative grew richer, and the continuing adventures of the unforgettable characters crafted by the author held me captive. Each individual boasts a distinct presence, and the many surprises and revelations throughout the journey will hold you spellbound and keep you you riveted until the very last page. So excited that there are more books in the series to come!

YA SciFi is a genre desperately needing great stories like the Elemental series, and this book really helps to solidify its place. This is an awesome read for sci-fi readers of all ages, and I highly recommend it!

What Readers are saying about DOWN COMES THE DARK

I can't stress heartily enough how much I enjoyed Down Comes the Dark... a fresh, imaginative story with a rich narrative and memorable characters while keeping the reader guessing through unexpected plot twists. I await the third book in the series (and to see if the one she left behind gets his HEA!) 

If you like sci fi adventures then this is it! I still would say to check out the first novel! I thought the first one was fantastic, and this one is just the same in my opinion. Its very very relatable and if you are also into mysteries then check this out as well! This one has romance in it too, which I was hoping for and its "out of this world" pun intended! I loved the cover too!

A Galactic Odyssey with a Twist - Down Comes the Dark" is a well-written page-turner that takes readers on a thrilling space adventure with Raya, a powerful extraterrestrial heroine. This sequel, brimming with unexpected twists and witty dialogue, offers a fresh perspective on space operas, making it both captivating and heartwarming. While it stands strong on its own, diving into the first book, "Elemental," might enhance the experience. Highly recommended for those seeking a modern-day classic with a strong female lead.

Book One was a blast, but Book Two really launches this series! "Down Comes the Dark" is a gorgeous book inside and out. I really loved the cover, and the story itself is amazing.

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