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THE ONCOMING STORM | Liane Mahugh, Canadian Author


Book 3 in the Elemental Series
A YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel

Killing innocents is just the beginning. With civilizations across space in the crosshairs, can this powerful young Elemental end the bloodshed?


Raya Salian dreams of peace. Pursuing her dream of exploring and mapping the universe, the young astronomer cherishes every conflict-free moment she can spend with her beloved. After completing a mission to investigate a mysterious nebula, she returns to dock with the main spaceship and is shattered to find the vessel destroyed, leaving everyone she loves missing or dead.


Taking aim at those responsible, the furious young woman hunts for the terrorists who blasted her ship to space dust. After she is captured by the very people she is pursuing, her blood runs cold when she learns the dissidents’ plans go well beyond murderous chaos to the annihilation of everything she holds dear. 


Can Raya escape and turn the tables before humanity is wiped out?


The Oncoming Storm is the electrifying third book in the Elemental YA science fiction series. If you like heroines who grow, cosmic-sized stakes, and implacable villains, then you’ll love this breathtaking finale to the Elemental series.

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