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THE SENTINELS | Liane Mahugh, Canadian Author


A YA Coming-of-Age Story
Originally Published December 2021
Revised March 2023

When Lou moves to a new house, she thinks all she has to worry about is making new friends. But, from the window of her new room, she feels drawn to the field across the way, where strange trees loom large, beckoning her to explore. Not wanting to go alone, she convinces her sister Kerry and friend Tim to explore together where they discover something sinister. Together they will navigate through a summer filled with bullies, young love, and one horrible event that will shatter their innocence, and leave one of them changed forever.

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The Sentinels will be available for purchase through other online retailers by the end of August 2024.

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Click here to read a review for The Sentinels that was too long to post below. For anyone unsure of the true meaning behind this story, this reviewer understood.

What Readers are saying about THE SENTINELS

The author seamlessly intertwined genuine real-life predicaments with elements of mystical fantasy and enchanting folklore. The inclusion of Viking legends introduced a captivating dimension to the tale, while the portrayal of the trees managed to evoke a haunting yet exquisite ambiance.
This coming of age novel has all of the elements of a great read: young love, conflict, thrills, and growth. I recommend this to every young reader and young adult fiction enthusiasts!
Purchased at my daughter’s request – she loved it! Great read for older teens, well developed characters and a highly satisfying ending. Terrific coming of age story, very imaginative yet quite realistic. Excellent lessons for life regarding approaching real world problems. Definite recommend.
This book left me guessing. The opening sequence was captivating, weaving a story of thrill, intrigue, and elements of darkness, establishing a promising prelude to the story ahead. The story navigates a labyrinth of themes... It also introduces fantastical elements like the mysterious sentinels.
This book offered a mesmerizing narrative that beautifully connected two distinct timelines, immersing readers in a concise yet powerful drama of injustice from ancient days, then transitioning to the same setting in modern times. One of the many strengths of the novel lay in its realistic portrayal of adolescent and family dynamics. 
 "The Sentinels" is quite good for a debut novel. The author combines fantasy and a touch of the paranormal mixed with slice-of-life realism creating an interesting plot. The pacing of the story is well-executed, with the perfect balance of action, mystery, and character development. The plot twists keep readers on the edge of their seats, making it difficult to put the book down.
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