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ELEMENTAL | Liane Mahugh, Canadian Author


A YA Science Fiction Novel
Published August 2022

A hunger for space travel. A perilous journey to another galaxy. A terrorist plot that could turn first contact into last rites.

Raya Salian is a bundle of nerves. Humble despite an unsurpassed talent for manipulating the elements, the sixteen-year-old prodigy is both flattered and terrified when she’s tapped for a secret mission – a solo trip to Earth to observe and report. But she barely gets off-world with her life after terrorists attack the launch site, potentially leaving her with no way back.

Crash-landing near a rural Canadian community, Raya takes cover with a group of locals her own age. But with help from home uncertain and extremist forces hunting her, the marooned young spacefarer fears she’s on a one-way trip to the grave.

Can Raya trust the very people she was sent to study?

Elemental is the dramatic first installment in the Elemental YA science fiction series. If you like relatable heroines, thrilling adventures, and building friendships, then you’ll love this stellar coming-of-age tale.

You can purchase an eBook and print copies through Amazon. 

Elemental is FREE to KINDLE UNLIMITED subscribers.  

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What Readers are saying about ELEMENTAL

A sci-fi book with some very real and relatable dialogue, which is rare. The author doesn't use cliches or the fancy technical language that sci-fi books can use. The action scenes are also not bombastic or overdone, yet they are impressive and carry the plot beautifully.
Others have compared this book to Ancient Aliens. I must admit, that is why I decided to read it. I must say, they weren't wrong! I loved this book! If you are a fan of Ancient Aliens or this kind of Sci-Fi in general, you MUST read this book!
The author is really great at creating characters that are relatable. The main character "Raya" is an amazing lead, and her charm will pull you right in, and push you to want to read more and more.  This is the 3rd book I have read from Liane Mahugh, so safe to say, I am becoming a huge fan of hers.
There’s a lot going on in this sci-fi world – space exploration, telekinetic and telepathic abilities, terrorists, government secrets – but it all ties together nicely.  I love “fish out of water” stories, especially when they involve two cultures learning more about each other. There’s a lot here to like, and the story is definitely worth a look.
What sets "Elemental" apart from typical sci-fi stories is its humanizing approach to characters and the absence of sensationalized alien life forms. Instead, it focuses on relatable human themes and communication barriers. Liane Mahugh's writing style, characterized by humor and quick dialogue, makes it an enjoyable and thought-provoking read, offering a subtle commentary on space exploration and human connections in a relatable way. 
I don't want to spoil it by giving anything away. But I will say that the finale is worth the wait, especially if you have a bit of a geeky inclination when it comes to Alien lore. 
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