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WORD SEARCH FUN | Liane Mahugh, Canadian Author

Fun Entertainment!

100 Themed Puzzles for All Ages

Released October 2023

Word Search puzzles are fun and easy for all ages. They make a great way to pass a quiet afternoon, or keep the kids busy on a road trip. 

Each puzzle in this book contains 20 to 30 hidden words, for a total of more than 2000 hidden words to find. With varying themes such as: Animals of Africa, World Capitals, Dinosaurs, Indiana Jones, and much more, these are sure to be fun for everyone. 

Word Search puzzles, although seemingly simple, have been a proven way to increase cognitive functions in the young and old, and people recovering from a traumatic brain injury. They are also a great way for younger kids and ESL students to become familiar with the spelling of words. Each puzzle also comes with a short piece of information, making this book educational too!

Book Cover for "Word Search Puzzles"

This is a Large Print 8x10 Soft Cover Book. A smaller version will be coming soon.

Purchase your copy today at Amazon. 


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